poem by Grace Gay, age 15

a quiet bedroom in a quiet neighborhood
beige walls and soft corners
quotes about sadness
poems about strength

pictures of cousins and brothers and aunts
of friends I wouldn’t recognize now
of the people I could’ve loved
memories of innocence and memories unforgiven

mirrors and mirrors
so I can identify the exact moment
my reflection matches who I am inside

fly away homework and sketches half done
all scattered around, waiting to take off
or just to be tossed away

here are mermaids next to archaeology books
and a little black dress thrown over the Harry Potter series
little ballerina figurines
that once were angels
but lost their wings.

Here maturity meets childhood.
The uncertain future teeters
on reuniting dreams and reality

Just another teenager’s room
stuck between child and adult
stuck between mourning, wanting—
and living

2015 Scholastic Writing Awards Silver Key

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