Ginsberg came to my house one afternoon
and said he was giving up poetry
because it told lies, that language distorts.
I agreed, but asked what we have
that gets it right even that much.
We look up at the stars and they are
not there. We see the memory
of when they were, once upon a time.
And that too is more than enough.

Jack Gilbert, “The Lost Hotels of Paris”


Winter Wrath

My anger is such that the very ice-fields would melt,
if I had the power.
If I had the power.

Joyce Carol Oates. Art: James McNeill Whistler

“They Are The Patriots”

“They Are the Patriots”

by Haley Lee
2012 Young Authors of AZ Gold Key Winner and American Voices Medal Winner
School: BASIS Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ
Mentor teacher: Hadley Ruggles


Soldiers chasing savage beauty tear down the horizon with precision.
This is a crusade against compassion, against the old regime and a
fear of apology,
so raise your weapons.
Missiles kiss the skyline and we are done
in a flair of gunpowder and smoked horror.
Children holding hands with skyscrapers
scrape their mothers’ blood from the kitchen floor
and every night they wish for the bombs to stop falling so they can
start living.
Feet muddy,
hearts stained.

They are the patriots.

Land mines triggered by our greed
melt skin from bone,
slitting scars in the Earth deep as the Grand Canyon.
So much for the sanctity of human life.
Our fingers are stained like roses from the wounds of another
and a bleeding flag keeps a thousand caskets warm.
There are families trapped inside temples set ablaze
that turn to ash with their heads tilted toward the heavens.

They are the believers.

Continents are shaking.
Every time we vote for war, can you hear the pulse of the innocent?
It is the anthem of the forgotten,
the cry of the victim.

It is the sound of a shovel pounding out midnight funerals
inside a city that weeps for its fallen.
But for every shot fired we are digging our own graves.
Hide behind the pursuit of Justice,
but the terror of a life severed short cannot fit into a seven-letter excuse.
Our hate spans oceans and we are using virtue as a reason to kill.
Who handed you the right to judge?

A triplet, fencer and musician, Haley Lee is from Scottsdale,
Arizona. She wrote this piece after reflecting, in the post-9/11 era,
on her family history during WWII—her mother’s Polish and Austrian
family in German concentration camps and her paternal family’s
displacement after the Japanese invasion of China.

2013 AZ Scholastic Awards honorees

Congratulations to the following authors for the Young Authors of AZ affiliate

Thanks to the efforts of grade 7-12 authors statewide and mentorship from teachers, parents, and other writing advocates, this year’s entries were again outstanding! Whether or not if a work placed, all young authors should be proud of creating and sharing original, technically sound, and uncensored compositions in the public sphere. That written, here’s the list of Arizona honorees for the 2013 Scholastic Writing Awards. The following works have been selected as the most accomplished works by young Arizona authors.

American Voices Gold Medal Winner

(selected by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards national judges for best work from the state of Arizona)

Lee, Haley “Something Like Hope, Expanding, Ship Knots” ~Poetry

American Voices nominees

(selected out of Arizona’s Gold Key works (across categories) as the five best works from the state of Arizona)

Garcia, Angelica “The Dictionary” ~Short Story

Ross, Caroline “Inhale” -Flash Fiction

Crichton , Savannah “The Floor, This, Jets, Indian Orange, What it Felt Like” ~Poetry

Lee, Haley “Something Like Hope, Expanding, Ship Knots” ~Poetry

Oar, Whitney “Unhygienic Brothers In The Hands Of Angry Sisters” ~Humor

Senior Writing Portfolio

Gold Key Award
Attias, Lior
Shongov, Pauline

Silver Key Award
Carrillo, Socorro
Chovanec, Regina

Honorable Mention
Choi, Stephanie
Epstein, Eric

Short Story

Gold Key Award
Garcia, Angelica “The Dictionary”
Kim, Sue “Beyond The Veil”
Wang, Christina “Chocolate Boy”
Yau, Francis “Death by Claw”

Silver Key Award
Ames, Abbey “Silent Secrets”
Han, Gina “The Elevator Shaft”
Herzog, Jackson “The Big Apples Revenge”
Lambros, Zachary “Atoll’s Island”
Laufman, Lauren “Flickering Deceit”
Martinez, Gloria “Javiera”
Mccutchen, Emma “Dear Johnathan”
Rymarcsuk, Emma “From Ocean To Pond”
Zhao, Alice “No Point”

Honorable Mention
Anagnostopoulos, Dimitri “Paul Stevenson”
Basu, Anamika “A Necklace”
Carrillo, Socorro “Glow”
Gregory, Cooper “Too Late”
Lambros, Zachary “Poligeddon- Chapter 1”
Lambros, Zachary “A Stroll Of Desperation”
Perina, Del “Lost In The Wild”
Rubin, Kaylah “The Life Of Bryan”
Walsh, Holly “The Shower Scene”
White-DeCosta, Diamond “Insight Through Flames”

Flash Fiction

Gold Key Award
Gay, Grace “Torture”
Ross, Caroline “Inhale”
Shongov, Pauline “Chasing Desert Rain”

Silver Key Award
Bello, Araceli “My Brother”
Bui, Catherine “That Poor Fellow”
Dasari, Navya “Silence Is Golden, Sometimes”
Hammond, Sarah “Logic”
Martinez, Gloria “Scream Your Silence No Longer”
Rucker, Stuart “Barking Goodbye”
Schnoor, Sarah “Black and White”
Stoll, Sarah “Butterfly In The Darkness”
Zapata, Dominique “The Beginning, Breaking, And Ending Of Us”

Honorable Mention
Abbajay, Frazier “The Bully”
Ausdemore, Jake “The Blood Bowler”
Babey, Alex “The Future”
Epstein, Eric “That Differing Journey of Becoming a Thief”
Gilbard, Addison “The Adoration Syndrome”
Hoffmann, Kevin “The Fog”
Kim, Sue “A Second Chance”
Silva, Isabela “Application To Heaven”
Silva, Isabela “A Welcome Distraction”
Stoll, Sarah “The Blue Wonder”
Tauer, Adam “Prison Break”
Woner, Catherine “The Last Broadcast”

Personal Essay/Memoir

Gold Key Award
Byrnes, Lea “What Happens In The Arena”
Cerwinske, Mikayla “Losing My Religion”
Stoll, Sarah “The Angel In Our House”
Vu, Angela “Wire”

Silver Key Award
Carrillo, Socorro “Filipino By Association”
Davis, Kate “Miracle Baby”
Elizondo, Stephanie “The Hospital Visits”
Elizondo, Stephanie “Please Don’t Grow Up”
Lahoti, Vedant “Mastering Confidence Through Chess And Charity”
Liu, Caroline “How I Found The Secret To Happiness”
Manor, Cameron “My Kingdom of Quiet Peace”
Mones, Emma “Uncle Pie And Cousin Pie”
Spire, Lydia “A Memoir Of Caroline – Pampering for Laughs”

Honorable Mention
Bentley, Sophia “This I Believe”
Carbajal, Chalsie “Friend Or Foe?”
Gupta, Anvita “The Pursuit Of Pomegranate”
Hayes, Jacob “Wash, Rinse And Repeat As A Dog Hunter”
Pernick, Max “Incomplete”
Rosellini, Alex “Media In My Life”
Smith, Breanna “Only Time Will Tell”
Vu, Angela “Your Red Car, My Red Car”
Whooley, Max “We Have Chickens!”
Woner, Catherine “The Choice”
Yamazaki, Misako “The Monster”

Persuasive Writing

Gold Key Award
Contreras, Michelle “Reduce Consumption, Don’t Recycle It”

Silver Key Award
Carrillo, Socorro “Bullying: Harmful And Cruel Or Essential Part Of Adolescence?”
Nguyen, Kendrick “Wind As A New Alternative Energy Source”

Honorable Mention
Goldfine, Jonah “A Minute With A Shark”

Gold Key Award
Araujo, Alexya “I Am From… I Was… I Am , Water , Sorry , Never Sorry”
Bernier, Hannah “The Fallen Tree And The Farm”
Crichton , Savannah “The Floor, This, Jets, Indian Orange, What it Felt Like”
Lee, Haley “Something Like Hope, Expanding, Ship Knots”
Luu, Christina “Impasto”
Mookadam, Aamena “Orange”
Schwartz, Paulina “Dawn, End Of The World, Are You There?, Shattered Time”
Spotts, Savannah “The Seer, Becoming Me, The Soldier and the Executioner, Hush”
Yamazaki, Misako “Save Me, Realization, Take Back, The End”

Silver Key Award
Albal, Karishma “Balancing Act, Falling Into Darkness, The Color Of Life, Letting Go”
Criswell, Sami “Hate Noise”
Fiock, Kimberly “Food for Thought”
Garcia, Angelica “Only Tonight, Help, A Lament of Justice, Beautiful Sacrifice, Plastic”
Jun, Hyunjeong “Eastbound”
Kelly, Kionae “Disappointment At Its Finest”
Lambros, Zachary “The Sky I See”
Lee, Haley “Sir, Have You Lost Your Way?, Always: A Prose Poem”
Liu, Caroline “Preface, People Are Stars, Your Eyes, The Florist, Our Story”
Martinez, Gloria “Looking For My Friend”
Murtic, Bianca “White Walls And Memories”
Ramaswamy, Anita “Chance”
Russell, Lauren “No Longer Beating”
Spire, Lydia “My Ménage, A Metaphor”
Thomas, Chanel “’Not a Wrong Number…’ and ‘Y5-85’”

Honorable Mention
Angle, Dylan “King Of The Sky”
Bai, Stephanie “Haiku”
Carver, Ian “Nirvana, Life Goes On, Scenery, What “It” Means To Me”
Castaneda, Veronica “A Perfect World”
Epstein, Eric “The Land of Shifting Sand”
Greer, Emily “Relaxation”
Hoffmann, Ryan “Mogollon Rim”
Jones, Lorelei “Your Addiction”
Lambros, Zachary “Darkness”
Lambros, Zachary “Salvation”
Lesniak, Ariana “Force Of A Poet”
Magdaleno, Angelic “My Darling”
Magdaleno, Angelic “These Broken Dreams”
Scaven, Joey “Plans, Impulses, Obsolete”
Sherman, Kara “I Am Rainbow And Beautiful Girl”
Sorensen, Stephanie “Goodbye, My Love. More Than Friend.”
Stoll, Rebecca “I’ve Always Wondered Why”
Stoll, Rebecca “Manhunt”
Stoll, Rebecca “The Sun On My Face”
Stoll, Sarah “Circus On A School Night”
Stoll, Sarah “The Unicorn Is Me”
Straker, Emma “Paths/Hidden”
Te Velde, Keane “Grounded, the Hunt, The Dawn And Dusk Of Autumn”
Thomas, Chanel “”The Music Disturbed” and “A Float And A Crash””
Thompson, Tara “Harsh Words, Mask Slipping, The Two That Are One, Hidden Animal, Cracked Promises”

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Gold Key Award
Luu, Christina “Meant To Be”
Martinez, Gloria “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”
McDaniel, Stirling  “The Griffin”
Saxena, Aakanksha “The Necklace”

Silver Key Award
Jones, Maddy “The Land of Mirrors”
Koliopoulos, Arion “Rails”
Koliopoulos, Arion “Gouge”
Mendoza, Andrea “Nephele’s Garden”
Woner, Catherine “What You Wish For”

Honorable Mention
Bartlett, Max “The Unknowns”
Bizon, Zavier “The Trip Of The Impossible”
Dumaine, Katie “The Assassin’s Son”
Epstein, Eric “The Feathered Hat”
Eubanks, Tanner “The Minotaur”
Oar, Whitney “The Snow Continued To Fall”


Gold Key Award
Manor, Cameron “My Secret Survival Skill”
Oar, Whitney “Unhygienic Brothers In The Hands Of Angry Sisters”

Silver Key Award
Epstein, Eric “Electoral College Admissions”

Dramatic Script

Silver Key Award
Claus, Spencer “The Mocking Games”

Honorable Mention
Thomas, Jade “Impossible Courage”
Whittington, Blake “Let It Snow: The Tale Of A Teenage Scrooge”


Silver Key Award
Liu, Caroline “A Degenerate Generation: The Consequences Of Pop Culture”

Honorable Mention
Bartlett, Max “Video Game Speedrunning”
Manor, Cameron “Saving the Titanic: How Teachers are the Key to Better Schools”
Michira, Brian “A Glance In The Juvenile Facility”