String Theory

String Theory

poetry by Zoe Isaac, age 16

There’s a jar cracked with kisses
Draped in disasters
And stained in laughter
Seeping purple light

Out crawls a creature who sings while the moon sleeps and
With lace fingers reaches for souls
And comes back with stars

He stitches webs with needles and fireflies
Webs so tight
Only the air can breathe

He teases the moon
As she remembers secrets and stories
Of white sheets and camouflage—

Knights who bring light
Which only brings darkness
And tales of how everyone forgot about
The stars

Forgot his nighttime crusades,
The villains he conquered
And the stars that he caught

But I did not forget the catcher of souls,
The keeper of goosebumps—
Inside his twisted glass house
Stones, stones and so on

For in the morning he’ll be string
Painted eyes
All tidy and tucked away
Where no one can see him but me—
You see, I threw the stones

To the boy who had skin like a spiders and the saddest eyes—
The boy in the jar,
I have a philosophy
It involves trembles and shudders—
The ones that close up your window at night

2015 Scholastic Writing Awards Gold Key

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