Sour Milk

This world is full of sour milk.
It stinks, doesn’t it?

I’m not talking about the milk that
“Smells a little funny,”
I’m not talking about the milk that
Is maybe a day past the expiration date.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the sour milk
That sat in the fridge years too long.
I’m talking about the sour milk that started out okay,
But eventually it got really, really, really awful.

I’m talking about the sour milk
That is full of disgusting, horrifying chunks,
The sour milk that leaves its stench behind for weeks,
Even if it was brought in the room for only a minute.

I’m talking about
War, Poverty, Death, Sickness, Homelessness,
Starvation, Dehydration, Helplessness, Greed,
Evil, Obliviousness, Cynicism, Deception, Anger,
Hatred, Depression, Suicide, Loneliness,

I’m talking about the darkness
Of the world.

I’m talking about those people,
Who have the power.

I’m talking about those batrachophagous people,
Who walk everywhere with their head in the air,
Who talk all the time with their pretentious attitudes,
Walk around every day like it was their day,
A holiday just for them,
Those people who have the power,
Who have the ability,
To make a change in this world for the better,
Yet they don’t, for their own personal benefit.
That is the sour milk I’m talking about:
The worst possible sour milk.

The sour milk that everyone hates,
But always sticks around.
The sour milk that leaves behind
Stains, and mold, and bacteria, and diseases.
Everywhere it goes.

They all say that we live in the
“Land of the free, and the home of the brave,”
But truly, I tell you that no matter how many times we sing those lyrics
No one,
Will ever be free of the sour milk.

The greed and corruption and darkness of the world
Affects everyone.
Definitely not equally,
Light years from it, in fact,
But it affects everyone in some way.

And our leaders of the
The World Council of Sour Milk,
They can try everything
To make the stench go away,

But as long as the
Greed and hatred and selfishness
Is still there,
Nothing will free us of that foul stench.
We are the world,
We are the only ones that can
Change it, whether that be for the
Better or for the worse.
So let’s make that change.
Let’s be that change.
Let’s change the world for the better.
Let’s feed the hungry,
Help out the poor,
Let’s stop the fury,
And end the war.

Let’s fix these problems.

The solutions are within reach,
But it’s up to us,
The inhabitants of this world,
To rid ourselves of this wretched sour milk.

poetry by Devin Farr, age 15
2014 Gold Key, American Voices Nominee
Mountain View High School, Mesa

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