On Taking The SAT

On Taking The SAT

poetry by Alex Cohen, age 16

Pull up and don’t park in front of the flagpole.

The doors open at 7:50 and when that time comes sit down in the
last room on the left after going up the west stairs.

This is an unfamiliar school
except for what you’ve heard from friends and your
brother so you look around and eventually you look out the lopsided blinds and see
the mountain.

It is a beautiful mountain
and it is sparsely dotted with shrubs
and you should be taking your test so you look down
and you wonder what the hell eschew means
and you are desperate so you look at
the mountain.

But you should be doing math now
so you pull out your calculator and tick away
like some pedagogical pill bug and you circle your answers
while you are encircled by
the mountain.

As you drive away you look back once at the monument
before leaving it in the dust.

The mountain
does not care. It meditates to itself
this was a mere second of my existence and
your life will be a minute.

2015 Scholastic Writing Awards Gold Key

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