poetry by Evan Lamb, age 17

It twisted reality into a knot I could not untie
And pessimism into a web that snagged me every day.
It was my greatest foe, my Goliath.
It created a world where my friends couldn’t relate
And chances to save into a string of “too lates.”
It brought rain on a sunny day, storms when the evening wind was still.
It lied about who I was
Telling me I was the most intelligent
Telling me I was satisfied with my portion
Telling me that everything was going to be okay.
It let fear dominate my existence
And kept me in my place when fear dominated others.

I am tired of it.

It immured me in a past so long forgotten
that it did not mind reminding me every morning.
And now, far removed from that all-enveloping web
Have I been able to truly see
That the great deceiver of those early years;
the it that separated me from a life of peace,

That it was me.

2015 Scholastic Writing Awards Silver Key

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