How to Enter the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Arizona’s entry deadline for the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is December 15, 2016. To help educators and students, here are five steps to enter:

Pinnacle High's Jacquie Cote, Painting Silver Key for

Pinnacle High’s Jacquie Cote, Painting Silver Key for “Fishbowl Universe.”

1. Create your Scholastic Awards student or educator account, starting on September 16, 2016

All students entering work in the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards must first create your account. Students can begin creating 2017 art and writing works as early as desired and make Scholastic accounts, beginning September 16, 2016, at

TEACHERS: you’re encouraged to create a teacher account, then spend one class period this semester, as soon as possible, helping students register online. Between now and the December 15th deadline, students may upload their work through the Online Registration System (ORS). Students can upload works independently but may need help.

2. Access, read, & share YAA’s 2017 Awards entry resources

Go to or YAA’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards affiliate page to access, read, and share the 2017 Awards participation resources.

3. Upload your work(s) according to specifications

Pay attention to category-specific submission requirements and remember to:

  1. Review category descriptions and guidelines.
  2. Revise, edit, and proofread your work.

Learn more at

4. Print and complete each work’s entry form

In addition to completing account registration and submitting work, each student must:

  1. Print the submission form for each entry.
  2. Obtain required signatures from a teacher and parent. Parent signatures are not required if the student is 18 years or older. Registration is not complete until the submission form has been signed and submission fees have been received by the YAA.

5. Mail forms, fees, and payment by December 15, 2016

Submission fees
All checks or money orders payable to: Young Authors of Arizona; cash is accepted but not preferred.

Individual submission fees: Each submission is $5 per work unless you qualify for a fee waiver (read “Fee Waiver” below).
If entering more than one submission, write one check for all your submission fees. Example: If you enter one short story and one journalism piece, you’re welcome to submit a $10 check instead of two $5 checks.

Senior Portfolio submission fees: $20 per portfolio submission.

Fee Waiver: Students for whom submission fees would be a significant barrier to 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards participation may request a fee waiver. Please have a parent or guardian sign the FEE WAIVER FORM, available through each student’s Scholastic account. Include the fee waiver form when you mail your signed submission form(s) to complete your registration.

Mailing your entry
Each young author needs the following in his or her entry envelope:
1. A printed submission form for each entry. Each form must be completely filled out and signed.
2. One check for all of that young author’s 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards entries.
Mail 2017 Writing entries to:
YAA Writing Awards
1816 East Turney Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Mail 2017 Art entries to:
YAA Art Awards
1816 East Turney Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016

STUDENTS: Each student should submit all his or her entry material together in a single envelope; if the student’s entering work in both the Scholastic Art Awards and Writing Awards, address your envelope “YAA 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.”

TEACHERS: If a teacher with numerous students entering, you’re welcome to submit all of your student entry envelopes in one bigger envelope. Some teachers have also collected entry money from students, and then submitted one check (and Fee Waiver Forms, if applicable) for all student entries. If you’re mentoring both Art Awards and Writing Awards entries, please address the envelope “YAA 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.”

Benefits of participating

  • Earn scholarships for art and writing submissions.
  • Earn Honorable Mention, Silver Key, or Gold Key Certificate for the State of Arizona and an invite to YAA’s Scholastic Awards Ceremony in April of 2017.
  • Select Gold Key and Silver Key-winning compositions offered publication in the Best Arizona Teen Writing of 2017 book; 2017 “best of” art publication opportunities will also be available.
  • Educators can use Awards as a 1st semester tool for enrichment, PLC collaboration, and portfolio-based assessment of Common Core-aligned writing projects.
  • Educators earn professional development credit as a YAA volunteer judge from the comfort of home.

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