From Now Until Then

From Now Until Then

poem by Amaya Lim, age 15

You with so many words
and so little time to impart them unto us
We are made of Play-Dough; colorful and
Moldable and smelling faintly of the childhood recently cast aside.
With dull stares and disheveled
hair, we are only what you make us,
The whirlwind of oblivion and obscenity
that you sculpt into intellectuals and leaders
Fit for moving and shaking
the World.

So thank you, I suppose,
for countless hours of this and that
This and That
One day we will make great speeches with the skills you have taught us.
You will cross our minds too late, where are you now
how will you know how grateful we have become
and for this, I am sorry.
Why do you give us everything when we give you nothing?
I wish to be selfless I wish to be intelligent I wish to be courageous
I wish to be

But please stay dedicated and passionate
burning beacons
we will warm our faces and hands in your Flames
Lend us your embers
To carry until a spark sends them aloft
to burst into technicolor fireworks; the brightest of ideas
Perhaps tomorrow or perhaps in a lifetime
millions of pieces of you takes so far and so wide
there and there and there you go
glowing in every moment from Now
until Then.

2015 Scholastic Writing Awards Silver Key

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