Board of Directors

Judges at the

Judges at the “American Voices Coffeehouse Read,” a volunteer social in January of 2014 at Phoenix Book Company. Now YAA needs community support to keep growing language and media arts in Arizona.

YAA is a State of Arizona nonprofit organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Without limiting ourselves, YAA is focused on growing responsibly and is now positioned to:

  1. Conceive, develop, implement, sponsor, and maintain progress in all aspects of language and media arts, which will advance the interests of and provide the incentive for the growth and appreciation by the public of language and media arts in Arizona and beyond.
  2. Undertake projects that will encourage and assist young authors and young-author advocates by helping them achieve standards of excellence and bringing these projects before the public.
  3. Strengthen scholarship, research, creative work, publication, exhibition, and performance in language and media arts throughout Arizona and beyond.

While many inspired the Scholastic affiliate and our incorporation as a non-profit, YAA’s Board of Directors serves as a group of five to responsibly grow young authorship for the State of Arizona. The following individuals serve on YAA’s Board of Directors.

YAA’s Board of Directors

President: Billy Gerchick

YAA President Billy Gerchick introduces "Eight Stages of Authorship" with his longboard.

YAA President Billy Gerchick introduces “Eight Stages of Authorship” with his longboard.

Billy teaches English at Metro Tech High School in the Phoenix Unified High School District and at Phoenix College. YAA Co-Founder and President, Billy values the power of language and media arts collaboration and thanks all who make this organization happen.

For organizational partnership, Scholastic Writing Awards, and Best Arizona Teen Writing publication inquiries, contact Billy at:

Vice President: Julie Cain

Julie graduated from ASU, has taught in Arizona, advises college students, and is VP of Education for Blended Learning Solutions in Phoenix. When not plotting to reform school systems & save the world, she’s YAA’s Vice President and goes undercover for the grammar police.

For general YAA organizational operations inquiries, contact Julie at:

Treasurer: Jay Morganstern

Jay has served as education professor at Arizona State University’s Mary-Lou Fulton College of Education and as English professor at various Valley colleges. Morganstern cherishingly thanks: his parents, Stanley and Paulette, who taught him how to write and appreciate the written word; his Great-Aunt Frieda, who introduced him to the spoken word; and his 10th grade teacher Ms. Greenberg for supplying the most important words he ever read: “Invictus,” by William Earnest Henley.

For YAA finance and accounting inquiries, contact Jay at:

Secretary: Pearlette Ramos

An active parent, legal professional, and community philanthropist, Pearlette donates her time to YAA in an advisory capacity, helping us responsibly grow as an organization.

For general YAA inquiries, contact Pearletta at:

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