Are They Water Lillies?

Are They Water Lillies?

Senior Portfolio Introduction by Nailah Mathews, age 17

The closer you look at Monet’s Water Lilies the more you wonder whether or not they’re actually flowers. From afar, there’s no doubt the piece is of what the title suggests. Upon further inspection, all the eye – trained or not – can see is flecks and dashes and speckles and splotches of paint; an intricate and carefully designed mess. It can almost leave you thinking, “I don’t get it,”.

Something that I’ve learned in the pursuit of the arts is that understanding art is only half of creating it. It’s easy to start with an idea in mind, with a goal to convey certain ideas, and images, though planning is always easier than execution. But to love art, especially one’s own art, in my mind, is the most difficult part of the journey.

Art in its every expression is a manifestation of love. Love for beauty; for resistance; for peace; for transience; for self; for others. Creation in and of itself is a pursuit of love. The pieces in this portfolio are my pursuit and capture. They are lessons that I have learned and have imparted onto others. They are as much yours as they are mine.

This portfolio is for the people whose love inspired it. Kit, Tate, and Rabbit in particular. You are the steadiest rocks I know.

My time as a writer –as an artist– with YAA has been very much in the fashion of those flecks and dashes and speckles and splotches.

So the question remains: Are they water lilies?

So the answer intones: Does it really matter?

Cupid’s Bow  |  Poetry, 2014

Chasing Infinity  |  Personal Narrative, 2014

colour safe bleach.  |  Short Story, 2015

dear white heterosexual male  |  Poetry, 2015

Windows  |  Personal Narrative, 2015

Esurient  |  Science Fiction-Fantasy, 2015

The Sun in Our Teeth  |  Short Story, 2015

Water and Chocolate  |  Flash Fiction, 2015

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