An Electric Urgency

An Electric Urgency

Portfolio introduction by Navya Dasari, age 17

My writing process is a desperate one, fraught with energy. Whether in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, I aim for high impact storytelling, and believe most of the story lies in the bruise—in the impression left, the feelings suggested. This isn’t to say that my writing doesn’t have an element of self-indulgence: like most writers, I’m looking for a release, a catharsis. But I’m most concerned with the connection I make through my writing, in the ambiguous space between writer and reader. I’m most concerned with what I leave behind.

At first, destruction seems to come easily to my writing. Cyclones are the landscape into which I write myself and my brother; reclaiming my heritage requires a forest fire. Yet my work isn’t dark. Moving is less about the destruction of childhood and more about the destruction of nostalgia, our compulsion to believe that even the most mundane or chaotic moments of childhood were something sacred. First Summer Back is less about the loss of relationships and more about the way we can reconnect. “There are no gentle corners,” I wrote in Passion, but what is sharp can also be delicate. What is rough can also be tender. I seek to balance dark and light, cold and warmth, in all of my writing.

As Student Leader with Young Authors of Arizona, my biggest goal is to strengthen the community of young writers in Arizona and the bonds that allow that community to flourish. I believe that students from diverse backgrounds can come together to create a powerful artistic scene in our state, and the title of this book, Convergence, is a testament to that.

Passion | Poetry, 2014

Crescendo | Personal Memoir, 2014

Oasis | Poetry, 2015

Shakti | Critical Essay, 2015

Bridging Divides or Banning Discussion? | Journalism, 2014

To India in Forrest Fire | Poetry, 2015

This is a Blessing | Poetry, 2015

Twin Storms Hit | Poetry, 2015

First Summer Back | Flash Fiction, 2015

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