Visions Teen Program @ SMoCA

Young artists at Central High School, Coronado, New School for  Arts and Academics, Alhambra High School, Desert Mountain High School, and South Mountain High School: you have the opportunity to learn from cutting-edge contemporary artists and exhibit your work at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts!

Through the Visions program at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, visual arts teachers at the six participating schools may select a group of 40 students to take part in a year-long program of workshops, lectures, and discussions that will culminate in a summer exhibit at SCPA’s Young@Art Gallery. I’d highly recommend that you speak to your teachers about this if you are interested; it sounds like a brilliant opportunity to learn and showcase your work.

While my school doesn’t participate in this program, I’m thrilled to know it exists. I knew SMoCA was a really cool institution (after seeing their exhibits, who doesn’t?) but now I have something new to admire: their commitment to the education of young Arizona artists!

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