2014 Arizona Scholastic Writing Awards honorees

2014 Scholastic Writing Awards results

American Voices nominees, Gold Keys, Silver Keys, and Honorable Mention honorees listed below

There are experiences when language arts experts–teachers, professors, authors, etc.–are in awe of those they’re supposed to be mentoring. Judging this year’s Scholastic Writing Awards entries was one of those experiences. Terrific job, young authors of Arizona!

Here are the State of Arizona 2014 Scholastic Writing Awards results.

American Voices nominees

Five of Arizona’s Gold Key works (across categories) have been selected as 2014 American Voices honorees, judged as the five best works from this year’s entrees. Congratulatons to these five authors!

Anvita Gupta “The Chipped Peacock” ~Personal Essay/Memoir
Devin Farr “Sour Milk, Diamonds” ~Poetry
Nicole Dominiak “Gifts, Ghosts, and God” ~Short Story * American Voices Medal Winner
Alice Zhao “In the End, You and I” ~Personal Essay/Memoir
Kathleen Wu “Two Years Later: Illegal Immigration in Arizona” ~Persuasive

Gold Key works

Name Work Title Category
Jahnavi Akella Just Monotony Short Story
Dylan Angle Missing In Action Poetry
Hannah Bernier Bystander, Would You Believe Me? Poetry
Adwoa Buadu It’s A Lovely Day For Fighting, Isn’t It? Personal Essay/Memoir
Natali Chausovskaya The Bridge Science Fiction/Fantasy
Trey Connelly A Good Old Murder Mystery Humor
Navya Dasari Crescendo Personal Essay/Memoir
Navya Dasari Next To Normal: Mood Disorders, Medicine, And Society Persuasive Writing
Navya Dasari Moving, Answers, An Apology, Passion Poetry
Navya Dasari Spice and Summer: A Food Memoir Personal Essay/Memoir
Vy Doan Rain Flash Fiction
Vy Doan La Lune, You Poetry
Nicole Dominiak Gifts, Ghosts, and God Short Story
Tal Eitan “Music Hath The Power To Soothe The Savage Breast.” Personal Essay/Memoir
Audrey Ennis The Preference Of Darkness Flash Fiction
Devin Farr Sour Milk, Diamonds Poetry
Mackenzie Fritz Lullaby Short Story
Angelica Garcia Suspension Of Disbelief, Last Smile Poetry
Anvita Gupta A Chipped Peacock Personal Essay/Memoir
Madison Hinze Blasphemy (A Slam Poem) Poetry
Hannah Jarvis Faith (Bridge), I Am One, Fairytale, Already Poetry
Alejandra Katz A Hellish Problem Humor
Myra Khan This Strange Thing We Call Happiness Short Story
Sunskruthi Krishna Murder Personal Essay/Memoir
Kimaya (Kimy) Lecamwasam No Heads Were Broken During The Extent Of This Climb Personal Essay/Memoir
Kimaya (Kimy) Lecamwasam The Presents And The Gone Flash Fiction
Haley  Lee The Way We Burned Senior Portolio
Haley  Lee To Critics Of The Artist, Heroes, In Closing, Restless Energy Poetry
Haley  Lee The Balancing Act Personal Essay/Memoir
Madeline Lee Two Poems Poetry
Gloria Martinez The Mahogany Dealer Poetry
Gloria Martinez Sleeping Boy Poetry
Gloria Martinez Abandoned Memories Flash Fiction
Nailah Mathews Cupid’s Bow, Safe In Ruin, A Poem For Tate When She Is… Sad, Once I Loved You, Being Human Poetry
Nailah Mathews Selfish Things Dramatic Script
Nailah Mathews Renegade. Science Fiction/Fantasy
Stirling McDaniel A Message To Humanity Persuasive Writing
Anthony Mirabito Fireflakes, Ten Roses Made My Bouquet, A Cold Cloak Poetry
Anthony Mirabito The Nerezza Dramatic Script
Kolbe Riney Hidden Tiny Things; Yellow, Blue; The Problem With My Lungs Poetry
Kathleen Wu Two Years Later: Illegal Immigration In Arizona Persuasive Writing
Kathleen Wu Life In Rainbow Personal Essay/Memoir
Misako Yamazaki The Death Of Me Short Story
Alice Zhao In The End, You And I Personal Essay/Memoir
Cassidy Zinke The Young Dreamer Short Story

 Silver Key works

Name Work Title Category
Jacob Abukhader The Start Poetry
Nick Adams Scott Poetry
Oscar Aguirre Si Se Puede Poetry
Arianna Anderson Revealed Poetry
Lauren Arrowsmith Him Poetry
Anthony Bao Terror In The Bog Short Story
Richard Bao My Struggle On The Battleground Personal Essay/Memoir
Richard Bao The Outcast Flash Fiction
Katie Barnhart Reflection, Regret, Home, Linked, The Hidden Enlightened Poetry
Maxwell Bartlett The Proposal, Darkness, The Storm Poetry
Maxwell Bartlett The Elephant in the Room Persuasive Writing
Seth Barton Angst Personal Essay/Memoir
Lizeth Blanco The Unknown Flash Fiction
Darci Botsch Synthesis Poetry
Raina Burchett Free Bird Personal Essay/Memoir
Tori Cejka A Toast To The Host Journalism
Natali Chausovskaya The Cure For Insomnia Short Story
Hyeji (Julie) Cho Farewell To The South, The Box Of Broken Dreams, Unholy Trinity Poetry
Spencer Claus Ma Short Story
Christopher Clements No Life Worth Living Short Story
Alex Cohen Gloucester, Massachusetts,  Metal, Schoolyard Poetry
Navya Dasari Bridging Divides Or Banning Discussion? Journalism
Navya Dasari Please, The Buried, A Celebration, Trust Poetry
Navya Dasari In Deserts, Safety Net, Disease Poetry
Megan Dressler King of Gods Flash Fiction
Megan Dressler One Thousand and One Pieces Flash Fiction
Megan Dressler The Hipster Manifesto, Ones and Sixes, Starlight Scars, Molly Hogan, Somewhere on the 23rd Floor Poetry
Alexandra Elbert Chewing Bubble Gum In The Rain Poetry
Alexandria Ellis Brothers Are An Audacious Orange, Hoa‘s Nang Lu?ng (energy), Cotton Candy Blitz , Mr. Riley’s Monotetra, Human Reversals Poetry
Audrey Ennis The Words Of A Diary Short Story
Kimberly Fiock The Mirror Personal Essay/Memoir
Antonio Flores Young Men Poetry
BrieAnna Frank Fourteen Years Later: The Columbine Shooting Journalism
BrieAnna Frank University Of Arizona’s Rainbow Graduation Raises Eyebrows Journalism
Justin Garner Balance Flash Fiction
James Glasscock Open Closure Personal Essay/Memoir
Tiffany Gong Internal Conflicts Pertaining To Realistic Situations Poetry
Callie Gregory A Mothers Love Poetry
Heather Griffin The Juggler Poetry
Taylor Hammond What We Have The Power To Do Poetry
Tyler Hatfield Simply Hard Poetry
Anna Hawkins Lament-An Elegy for the Fairy Tale Poetry
Angela Hemesath Cranberry Holidays Humor
Madison Hinze What Is Good Enough? (a Slam Poem) Poetry
Madison Hinze Wilted Petals Poetry
Madison Hinze A Whole New World Journalism
Emily Horton Failure Phobia Persuasive Writing
Hannah Jarvis Still Life, An Essaie Personal Essay/Memoir
Connor Jennison Hiding In The Shelter Journalism
Hyunjeong Jun Teddy, Eastbound, Aristeia Poetry
Evelyn Karis Hola, me llamo Elvira. Personal Essay/Memoir
Lina Khan Woebegone Flash Fiction
Sue Kim Numbers Science Fiction/Fantasy
Sunskruthi Krishna A Single Moment Transformed Flash Fiction
Nichole Kyprianou The Peculiar Time of Russellville Flash Fiction
Kimaya (Kimy) Lecamwasam Hadley ; Oh My, Amelia! Poetry
Kimaya (Kimy) Lecamwasam Jehan’s Hair Flash Fiction
Bodo Lee Scattered Dreams Poetry
Daphne Li-chen Trapped By A Rose Science Fiction/Fantasy
Chase Lortie The Nature Of Humanity Poetry
Katherine Lu A (Blind) Science; Perpetuum; Broken Compass (A Song) Poetry
Lauren Ludwig We Are All Equal Poetry
Christina Luu Color Me Author Senior Writing Portolio
Brigitta Mannino I Should Have Taken The Stairs Short Story
Gloria Martinez The Honorable Lion Poetry
Nailah Mathews Chasing Infinity Personal Essay/Memoir
Nailah Mathews Stall The Demons Short Story
Stirling McDaniel Insane Asylum Flash Fiction
Sarah Mckee Tantrums And Tiaras Persuasive Writing
Anthony Mirabito The Devil’s Bane Poetry
Anthony Mirabito The Hole of My Heart Poetry
Anthony Mirabito The Inquisitor Flash Fiction
Anthony Mirabito A Burly Perrywinkle and Half-Naked Egyptians Short Story
Salah Moharram Measles Of Mankind Persuasive Writing
Jordyn Ochser Birth Of Courage, Cigarette Burns, Knife Life, The Vagabond, Birth of Grief Poetry
Daniel Olson Chained Short Story
Yash Pershad Waiting Flash Fiction
Sydney Portigal Too Rockstar For Starbucks Flash Fiction
Mandri Randeniya Waves Personal Essay/Memoir
Andrew Rangel Night Has Fallen Short Story
Lauren Russell Hopeless Short Story
Emma Rymarcsuk A Tear Drop From The Heavens, Ode To The Sun, Ode To The …         Moon Poetry
Gabriel Salmon Cartesian Tremor Poetry
Maci Segal We Need A Title To This Story Dramatic Script
Aubrey Shuga Abolish the Electoral College Persuasive Writing
Archanna Smith Lullaby, Those Eyes, Patchwork Poetry
Raven Stevens I Miss You Poetry
Diana Urena The Red Tunnel Personal Essay/Memoir
Shreya Venkatesh The Intruder Flash Fiction
Bailey Vidler Hellfire Love Humor
Kade Williams I Am Only 15 Poetry
Kaitlynn Williams An Open Letter To Gun Control Advocates Persuasive Writing
Kathleen Wu The Red Book Science Fiction/Fantasy
Misako Yamazaki Harry Potter’s Positive Influence Persuasive Writing
Jaylia Yan A Pageant Girl Personal Essay/Memoir
Justin Zhu Finding The Inspiration Personal Essay/Memoir
Justin Zhu The Call For Courage Journalism
Cassidy Zinke The Exchangement Of Knowledge Short Story

Honorable Mention works

Name Work Title Category
Hira Ali Tears Flash Fiction
Anissa Aparicio Through The Years Flash Fiction
Anthony Bao Fluffinufigus Short Story
Maxwell Bartlett Behind The Door Personal Essay/Memoir
Maxwell Bartlett I’ll Make You Read Poetry
Maxwell Bartlett The Virtual Gridiron Persuasive Writing
Cameron Brickley Best Friends Short Story
Nate Brooks The Forgotten Rider Poetry
Maryia Bryant Dreaming In Gregorian Poetry
Ashley Burt Rebellion Short Story
Ana Karen Carranza Fight Ready is Like My Second Home Personal Essay/Memoir
Brooke Cassaday Grow Up Poetry
Isabel Ceja Ceja I Know Poetry
Ilija Chabarria What We Once Needed To Know Poetry
Jean Chung To Be Or Not To Be A Bartender? Persuasive Writing
Christopher Clements Déjà Vu! Short Story
Natalie Cravens Guaranteed Inhumanity Persuasive Writing
Navya Dasari A Genetic Investigation Of Cancer Journalism
Navya Dasari Teen Apologist, u.s.a., Body Language Poetry
Cameron Divine Thoughts and The Hidden Simplicity Poetry
Nicole Dominiak The Egotist Considers Her Ego Personal Essay/Memoir
Megan Dressler Dear Attention Flash Fiction
Danna Durney Holding Out For A Hero Personal Essay/Memoir
Mariah Edington Life Poetry
Grace Elsie Famous Poetry
Grace Elsie Breakable Poetry
Audrey Ennis Death Rose Science Fiction/Fantasy
Riley Evanson The Seed Personal Essay/Memoir
Diane Fine Talent Personal Essay/Memoir
Kimberly Fiock The Line Flash Fiction
Nick Forney Waiting Poetry
Jay Garcia My Fury Poetry
Grace Gay The Death Of A Star Flash Fiction
Ryan Gilburne Airball Personal Essay/Memoir
James Glasscock Prelude/The Meeting/The Angel Leaves The Dream/Remember Poetry
Alejandro Gonzalez Stay By Me Short Story
Alejandro Gordillo My Last Words… Flash Fiction
Kayvon Gorji March Of 1999 Flash Fiction
Kelly Guerra Two Years Later… Personal Essay/Memoir
Elizabeth Hammer Pink Poodle Personal Essay/Memoir
Samantha Hayes I Wish To Be Famous Poetry
Samantha Hayes If The World… Poetry
Madison Hinze There’s A Pill For That Poetry
Anthony Huang Eternity Flash Fiction
Sara Huddleston Miracle Baby/ Perspective Of A Girl Poetry
Valerie Huntington Barbie Pool Party Personal Essay/Memoir
Kazhra Kelcho It Goes On Poetry
Myra Khan The Night Of The Dark Horseman Flash Fiction
Grant Knight Severe Food Allergies: A Social Concern Persuasive Writing
Sunskruthi Krishna Best Friends Short Story
Grayson Lee-kin The Plague, Red Robes Poetry
Grayson Lee-kin Olympus’s Cliffs, A hero’s Lament, Character Defined, Sun and Moon, The Metal Woods Poetry
Lan Julia Liang Frequent Flier Personal Essay/Memoir
Rachel Linehan Victimization Dramatic Script
Stephanie Long I Remember Personal Essay/Memoir
Frida  Lopez I Do Not Believe In Religion Poetry
Brigitta Mannino Can I Take Your Order? Flash Fiction
Blake Markovic Those Who Suffer Poetry
Kelly Martindale Scientists Are Adventurers Persuasive Writing
Gloria Martinez Alone Poetry
Michaela Mason “Skip” Science Fiction/Fantasy
Nailah Mathews Young Enough Flash Fiction
Jimmy Mckinley Baseball Poetry
Lillian Melzer Destruction’s Sword Poetry
Matt Merritt Fluorescent Moonlight, Games, Namesake, Sleeping To Dream, Constellations Poetry
Adam Nissen Hell: A Travel Guide Humor
Olivia  Osborn What We Once Needed To Know Poetry
Yash Pershad A Buzz In the Capital Personal Essay/Memoir
Yash Pershad A Dist-“herb”-ing Tale Humor
Katie Polcyn The Aftermath, Days Go By, Letting Go Poetry
Sydney Portigal Can You Smile At A Funeral? Personal Essay/Memoir
Sydney Portigal The Shoes Short Story
Jonie Pretto Birds Chirping Love, My Love For You, A Best Friend, Promises, The Story Of Us Poetry
Chloe Raissen Dear Cody Dramatic Script
Anita Ramaswamy In Defense Of Public Schools Persuasive Writing
Anirudh Ranganathan A Struggle For Immigrants In The U.S.A. Persuasive Writing
Kolbe Riney Stymie Humor
Jullienne Rae Robiso Drowned Flash Fiction
Sandy Romero American Dream Poetry
Maxwell Rosenberg Employee Termination Based On Social Media Activity Persuasive Writing
Caroline Ross Exhale Flash Fiction
Aakanksha Saxena The 11th Avenue Cemetery Science Fiction/Fantasy
Taylor Shewchuk The Importance Of 6 Million Mistakes Persuasive Writing
Julia Simmons My Psalm Poetry
Krishna Sinha Love, Mind, And Soul Poetry
Krishna Sinha Screening: Preventing Another Sandy Hook Persuasive Writing
Krishna Sinha What Love Thought Short Story
Lydia Spire A Life of Ordinary Courage Poetry
Lydia Spire Yet Still Poetry
Henry Uhrik George The Giant Short Story
Madison Waaler The Leap Short Story
Matt Ward Ignorance; Hypnosis; Propaganda Poetry
Samantha White My Hero Personal Essay/Memoir
Shaniah Whitehair The Long Walk Short Story
Kaitlynn Williams Larry And The Saints Short Story
Maison Winkler Machiavelli and Mao Persuasive Writing
Catherine Woner With Hope Senior Writing Portfolio
Alicia Wu Lily’s Hope Dramatic Script
Alicia Wu Piccadilly Personal Essay/Memoir
Kathleen Wu Love, Finding, Yardsticks Poetry
Kathleen Wu Dad, Trumpets, Soapbox Poetry
Misako Yamazaki Goodbye My Love, You Are, My Drug, Clandestinely, The Abyss Poetry
Misako Yamazaki In The End, Sonnet I, Sonnet II, Sonnet III, Sonnet IV Poetry
Misako Yamazaki Sonnet V, Sonnet VI, Preferences, Self-inflicting, Heartbreak Poetry
Andrea Yang Escapee Short Story
Ryan Yiu Wendigo Psychosis Short Story
Cassidy Zinke A Banset’s First Kiss Short Story

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