“Hands of a Child”

“Hands of a Child”

by Sabrina Ramirez
2012 YAA Gold Key winner
short story

A tall, dark-looking man stood in silence amidst the swirling sand and gushing water. The Waters of Life seem to be restless again, thought the man, scratching his stubbly chin. His robes would not sit still on his figure as the pearlescent deep blue cloth almost floated around him. Chronos stooped down and cupped the sacred liquid in his hands. He brought it over to a small bowl, letting the water pour between his fingers into it.

All of a sudden, a young woman entered through the doorway, carrying a small bundle of golden cloth. Inside that bundle was a child. She brought it over to Chronos.

The Waters of Life immediately thrust out to create a small basket, weaving streams of itself through and around each other, perfectly embracing the child in its grasp. Chronos waved the woman away. He approached the child and lifted it out of the watery basket. He could now see that she was a little girl of about four, with short hair in dark brown curls around her head. She was miraculously dry.

The swirling sands calmed and snaked around Chronos and the child, mimicking the Waters of Life. As the Sands of Time intertwined with the Water, Chronos noticed that the liquid seemed saddened. Curious, he lifted the girl out of the golden blanket. She remained unresponsive. His expression turned grim as he saw the huge bruise and deep cuts all over the girl’s chest and body. She’s not bleeding, but then, her heart isn’t beating either.

He turned to the Sands of Time. Clutching the dead girl in one arm, Chronos gathered a few grains in his outstretched palm. Exiting the whorls of water and sand, he stepped over to the bowl, where the water had begun to get restless, splashing against the sides of the bowl. He sprinkled the sand into the churning liquid. It instantly calmed and began swirling with the sand, changing from clear, vibrant water into a dark murkiness. Chronos plucked a single, curled hair from the girl’s head and dropped it in with the rest. Summoning a small cradle out of

Turning back to the bowl, whose surface had glazed over in a mixture of pale, shimmery colors, Chronos dipped a finger of his left hand into it and laid it on the girl’s forehead. Keeping his hand on the child, he gazed into the bowl. The few memories of life the child had coursed up Chronos’s left arm and through his body, pouring out of his eyes into the bowl, like quicksilver. When all was gathered into it, he removed his hand from the child and covered her with the golden cloth, as if she was sleeping. He fixed his gaze on the bowl of memories as they began to play through his head…


“Mommy, can I keep one?” A young girl’s innocent voice interrupted the peacefulness. She was wearing a small, purple, flower-print hat and a comfortable play dress. In her right hand was a small Blue’s Clues toy. Her dark brown, curly hair tickled her neck. She looked up at a woman with her chocolate brown eyes full of excitement.

“Can I? Pleeeeease?” she begged, pointing at the yellow dandelions lining the cracked sidewalk. The woman turned

“Yes, of course you can, Lily.” She looked exactly like the little girl, or rather, the little girl looked exactly like her.

Lily giggled happily and bent over. With her small, chubby, toddler fingers, she plucked a fully bloomed yellow dandelion, just beginning to look fuzzy. She was grinning ear to ear when the waters began swirling again…


Darkness cloaked a small, grassy area in front of the apartments. The smell of rain and wet grass drenched the air.

Lily darted around, waving her arms gleefully. Stars sprinkled the night sky like toppings on a cupcake. Glowing insects flitted and swirled around her tiny figure. Lily slashed wildly through the air, her tiny hands grasping a clear plastic box with a green lid. Her mother sat on a bench by their apartment. The two lived in the unit on the bottom right of the complex, which appeared to be a large house. It had six apartments, two on each of its three floors.

Two of the neighbors’ kids joined Lily in her endeavor. The three jumped around, their hands grasping a single firefly if they were lucky, empty air if they weren’t. Lily went home with three, captured in her plastic bug box, smiling gaily as if the fireflies were the greatest thing in the world for a small girl to have…


Lily sat in a small, dark living room on a couch. Her teacher, and across-the-street neighbor entered the room, stepping over her three cats, to sit down across from the girl. From behind her back, she pulled out two brightly wrapped sherbet pops. Lily’s face lit up like a candle.

“Push Ups! Thanks!” She eagerly tore off the cap and began attempting to push the small straw on the bottom of the Flintstones-decorated tube. When her little hands finally forced the sherbet out enough to lick some off, she

“I did it! I did it! Look, Mrs.Williams!” Lily began attacking the sherbet, savoring the sweetness of the cold treat.

She didn’t pay attention to the sticky orange drips running down her fingers…


When the waters ceased their movement, Lily was seated in a car seat, staring out the window of the car’s backseat.

“Mommy, look! A big truck wants to say hi!” She pointed gleefully out the window, her chubby finger pressed to the glass. Her mother glanced to her left to see a giant sixteen-wheeler coming straight at them, straight at her daughter. Her eyes widened in terror, her body paralyzed.

“Hi! Hi truck!” The truck driver belted the horn frantically. He slammed the brakes, but it didn’t stop. “LILY!!!”

Shattered glass and the sickening sound of tearing metal resounded through the air as the truck ripped through the


Snapping out of his trance, Chronos lifted his eyes from the bowl. He sadly gazed at the child, whom he now knew to be called Lily. Lifting her from the cradle, he held her to his chest. She was so young, thought Chronos.  She didn’t deserve to die!

All of a sudden, the Waters of Life roared and gushed towards the two, enfolding them in it’s watery limbs. Prying Lily from Chronos’s arms, it whirled around her until she was floating limply in a sphere of the sacred liquid. The mixture of her memories flowed out of the bowl, slithering on air as it meshed with the ball. The Waters of Life spun faster and faster, changing from it normal liquid transparency into a bright sphere of colorful light. Chronos shielded his eyes in fear of being blinded by the rays of light streaming out from what seemed like the center of the ball. What’s happening? I’ve never seen the Waters behave this way! Lily’s tiny figure was still visible in the bright ball, as it sped up. Suddenly, the ball burst, sending colorful droplets into the air around Chronos. The girl was nowhere to be seen.


Lily awoke on a scratchy bed with strange machines beeping around her.

“Lily?!” Her mother’s puffy, red eyes snapped open. Immediately, she embraced her daughter and began to sob. The doctor, just about to leave the hospital room, whipped around, white coats flapping.

“WHAT?! Wait, there is no way she could…She was dead a minute ago!”

A nurse exclaimed, “Praise Jesus! We have witnessed a miracle right here, in this very hospital!”

Lily blinked, confused by all the fuss. “Huh? What are you talking about?” She gasped. Bringing her hand to her face,  she unclenched her tiny fingers. Inside was a single drop of water.

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